Theorie Haircare

Theorie Haircare

To me hair isn't just hair, it's an extension of my personality and a huge part of my personal style. I go through a LOT of products to look after my hair, with the latest being the Theorie hair care range. 

Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask

I was at Sephora one day when I spontaneously bought the Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask. I have dry hair so I love using hair masks. I took this home and was so excited to try it that I used it the night I bought.

I instantly fell in love from the moment I opened the tub! It smelt amaazing, I don't even know how to describe the smell but I loved it.
I used this in place of conditioner about once a week, I let it sit in my hair for at least half an hour, but the instructions says 5-10 minutes is sufficient. 
I also piled this on, my hair needs all the hydration it can get so I was very generous with the amount of product.
This mask is definitely better suited for people with dry hair, I think it would be too heavy and rich if you have fine or oily hair.

The product description:

From our most advanced nourishing and rejuvenation system, Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask harnesses the true power of Moroccan Argan oil to provide a comprehensive solution for severely damaged, unresponsive hair. Uniquely designed to restore moisture and impart unparalleled smoothness and shine, this world-class emollient rehydrates thirsty ends, and vigorously combats breakage, leaving your hair feeling reformed and vibrant.

After rinsing my hair was always SO SOFT and so smooth, I couldn't believe it! After this tub I ran out, I bought the Hask Argan Oil hair treatment hoping it would have the same effect, and thankfully I only bought the sample packet because it was no where near as good as the Theorie one. My hair almost seemed frizzier afterwards!

I need to buy a new tub of the Theorie mask ASAP. You can purchase it from Sephora AU in store for around $30 (I can't remember the exact price), otherwise I believe it's available in various salons. The hair mask tub lasted me about 5 uses, which is pretty good because I need quite a lot for my long hair!


Theorie Helichrysum Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner 

After falling in love with the hair mask above, I was telling my mum about this brand and she said she knew a salon that stocked the brand, and she bought me the shampoo and conditioner in this range! I was so excited! The bottles look so chic in my shower. 

The brand's description of these products;

Our exclusive formula is infused with pure Helichrysum extract to deeply penetrate the hair shaft, moisturize and restore. Ideally suited to nourish dry, brittle or overprocessed tresses, this gentle yet effective cleanser helps nurture follicles and protect hair from dehydration caused by excessive heat, overprocessing and environmental factors. After first use, hair is strengthened, renewed and luxurious
The inherent benefits of pure Helichrysum extract work powerfully in this exclusive formula that conditions, detangles and hydrates. Ideally suited to nourish dry, brittle tresses suffering from the effects of excessive heat, overprocessing or environmental factors, this gentle but effective mixture deeply penetrates the hair shaft to deliver extreme moisture and correct chemical damage while leaving behind a magnificent shine. After first use, hair is strengthened, renewed and luxurious.

This range doesn't seem to be as hydrating as the argan oil mask I used, but I still enjoy these. I love the scent of these too, I can still smell the floral scent in my hair a few hours after washing it! The smell of shampoo and conditioner is really important to me, because I'm less inclined to continue using something that doesn't smell nice to me.

This range is free of sodium, chloride, sulfates, phosphates and parabens. I especially avoid products with sulfates because they dry out my hair too much. 

Unfortunately I don't love this range as much as I like the hair mask, because after rinsing the conditioner out my hair doesn't feel as soft as it could, and with continuous use my hair is looking a little dry. 
This range would be perfect for people with damaged hair, but it's just not hydrating enough for my crazy, wild hair. 

I'm not sure how much these large bottles cost (because like I said, my mum bought them for me as a present), but I've had these at least 3 months now and there is plenty of product left in them!

With all that being said, I would love to try out other products by Theorie and different ranges! I haven't heard of this brand before, or seen it around often, but I really enjoyed these products :)

Have you used this brand before? What are you favourite Theorie products?

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