NARS Orgasm vs Sleek Rose Gold

NARS Orgasm vs Sleek Rose Gold

Not too long ago we finally got Sleek in stores in Australia! So I tested out their blush in Rose Gold to see how it compares to the infamous Nars Orgasm blush.

Sleek is a UK brand that I've heard amazing things about. After I found out we finally got Sleek in stores, I went straight to Target and picked up the cult favourite, their blush in Rose Gold.

When I went to the US earlier this year, I bought the Nars Orgasm/Laguna duo, which I've been using ever since.

Keep reading to view my comparison :)



Nars - it's super easy to open, feels sturdy and I love the look of the whole packaging. It has a mirror inside.

Sleek - it's hard to open, sometimes I need to grab my tweezers to open it. This one also has a mirror. The font on it is black, which is hard to read against the black background. The entire package is also a lot more square and chunky. When I open this blush, I also get a really strong unpleasant scent that reminds me of cheap makeup.

Winner - Nars



Nars - I find I need a few swipes to build this up to the colour I like. It's very very subtle, which can be great if you prefer to build it up. I personally wish I didn't need more layers. I thought that maybe was just like this because it was new, so I attempted to dig at the shades (you'll see in the photo) hoping that would help, but it didn't really.

Sleek - One swatch gives a beautiful colour payoff, I don't need to use anywhere near as much of this blush, usually one swipe of a brush is sufficient.

Winner - Sleek


Colour/Lasting Power

Nars - Peachy pink with gold shimmer. I find this lasts all day.

Sleek - Rosy pink with gold shimmer . I also find this lasts all day.

Winner - it's a draw! See below for swatches. 



Nars - the full size product is 4.8g (per my Google search) and costs AU$44.00 from Mecca.

Sleek - Mine is 8g and I believe was around $20 from Target (I threw it the receipt and the price isn't listed online).

Winner - Sleek


Overall, if you're deciding between the two, the Sleek one is just as good, if not better than the Nars blush. If you're like me though and want to see what all the fuss is about, why not go for the Nars!
Have you tried these? Which one do you prefer?

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